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Coding job guide


Lots of people asked me how to land a coding job, so I am writing reference article so I can point them to it. So answer is, that it is super easy, you need to use only one trick and I am certain that sooner or later you’ll get a job. So here is the trick that worked for me. Code every day for five to six hours and after a year, just apply for a job. Yep, there is not a trick, you need to learn and practice a lot. So if you love to code, us I do, it won’t be the problem, because I am in the marathon, not in the sprint. There is no end goal, you can’t learn everything, so can just try to be a little better than yesterday.

My story, even tho I started to code in high school, I got back to it more seriously in the beginning of 2015. I started as a hobby, never thinking I’ll work as a programmer. But I got so addicted to it, that I just had to quit my product management job, take serious pay cut and start doing web development as a full time job.


Here is “short” resource list that helped me learn web development in the beginning of my career:

  • Head First HTML & CSS book
  • Head First HTML5 programming
  • freeCodeCamp bootcamp- 400 hours frontend, 400 hours backend and 400 hours data visualization
  • Javascript enlargement
  • Try jQuery - great online course in order to help me with freeCodeCamp
  • Professional javascript for web developers 3rd edition RxV (200+ / 900+) - DOM
  • JavaScript - The Good Parts
  • MDN tutorial pages
  • Eloquent JavaScript
  • The Node beginner book
  • THENEWBOSTON node.js Tutorial for Beginners
  • Web Development with Node and Express
  • MognoDb university
  • Learnyounode
  • Learnyouexpress
  • Git-it
  • React by The Net Ninja
  • Net Ninja - from psd to website
  • Clean code JS
  • YDKJS - 6 book series
  • REST API Tutorial by The Net Ninja
  • Hardvard CS50 course
  • PracticalJavaScript
  • JavaScript The Weird Parts book
  • JavaScript Allongé book
  • DOM Enlightenment book
  • FreeCodeCamp youtube videos
  • Learning JavaScript Design Patterns
  • Stephen Grider: The Complete React and Redux Course
  • Stephen Grider: Advance React
  • Stephen Grider: The Complete React Native and Redux Course
  • Stephen Grider: React Native Advance
  • Grokking - Algorithms - na pola
  • Cracking the Coding Intervju
  • Node.js tuts @ RisingsStar
  • Leet Code and CodeRust2
  • Webpack academy
  • HakerRank 30 days of code
  • Chrome Dev tool - na pola
  • web fundementials
  • Practical Git -
  • How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub -
  • Udacity - Web Performance
  • Udacity - Browser Rendering Optimization
  • Udacity - Mobile Web
  • server-side-rendering-with-react-and-redux with Stephen Grider
  • Udacity - Client-Server Communication
  • Object-Oriented JavaScript Programming Course | Udacity
  • JavaScript Design Patterns | Udacity
  • Full Stack Universal React, Redux, Node js and MongoDB - Marco Tomasello | Udacity
  • How to Write an Open Source JavaScript Library - Kent C. Dodds
  • SASS Tutorial | The Net Ninja
  • Programming JavaScript applications | Eric Elliot -
  • Testing JavaScript Applications, React, Jest and Cypress | Frontend Masters - Kent C Dodds
  • Introduction to Typescript | Udemy
  • Typescript official docs | best resource |
  • Managing Complex State in React Apps |
  • coding-interview-bootcamp-algorithms-and-data-structure | Stephen Grider
  • Dokcer containers videos
  • Postgres exercises and official docs
  • Node.js Wes Bos
  • Design patterns
  • High perf browser networking
  • JavaScript design patterns
  • [Frontend Masters] - Full Stack for Front End Engineers
  • DB design
  • Typescript deep dive
  • Stephen Grider Udemy - NodeJS Advanced Concepts
  • Node.js Design Patterns, 2nd Edition by Mario Casciaro, Luciano Mammino
  • The definitive node js handbook
  • Khan Academy SQL course -
  • System design
  • Cracking the coding interview book
  • SQL full course for beginners

Some resources are outed, but I would definitely start with and I highly recommend freeCodeCamp, and supplement online bootcamp with:

  • watch youtube tutorials
  • look at open source code
  • Look at HTML structure of website you admire
  • Listen to podcasts

Written by Nino Majder who lives and breaths web development. Follow him on Twitter